Find Peace

Over the years I have gotten "a little" better at asking for what I need. I am one who assumes that if there is a project the persons involved should be striving to get 'er done. Sometimes, well, a lot of times the answers that keep the flow are really slow. 

When waiting for others:

Sit perfectly still. Stop fidgeting 
Be patient. Stop worrying 
Breathe. Stop holding your breath 

If it’s the last minute, do the best that you can and give God the rest.

I think that this is probably one of the hardest things for me. Waiting for others who don't move until the last minutes steals all of the momenta. It's generally with projects that I really could have skipped but I've decided to help in some way. For me, it's like whatever we are supposed to do is not important enough to actually plan it. The thought seems to be, "Let's just wait and throw it together." Although that can work at times it is not ideal. 

The effects of this for me is procrastination. Procrastination hits me when things are done haphazardly and/or at the last minute. Proper planning relieves my stress. My process this year will be to master my short game. I don’t expect people to change overall so I will... Unless it’s totally my project... Maybe it will cost more for clients if I have to wait until the last minute. 

There is no particular person in mind in this post... This is pervasive throughout my life... I’ll change it. This is just one of my personal changes that I will work through this year. To articulate it clearly, I won't let last minute planning stress me out. I tend to take on everyone's extra stuff and never complete any of my own stuff. It's time to figure out how to put other people's desires on the back burner and dust off some of my own. 







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