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Prayer is an intricate part of the Christian life.  Like any relationship, our relationship grows are we actively participate in conversation and time with the Lord. Our lives are enhanced through a keen understanding of the how and why of it all. Our faith is increased our joy is made full by the simple act of prayer.  We think we don't have time to pray. We think that we will get to it later and later gets prolonged. There is always time to pray, oddly we don't have to stop everything to do it. We can take a moment to pray on our breaks at work while walking to or from a place. We can pray at any quiet moment whether it is scheduled or not.  We wonder why we have difficulty at times dealing with the things that our lives bring. It is because we didn't stop to consult the one who made us and knows more than we do about our lives and our situations. We just trudge along complaining, no doubt, about how difficult life is and how we wish it were better.  Know that life

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