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If He brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it!

It’s amazing how God works. His awesome ability to provide for me is simply breathtaking. I am reminded of not only who He has been to me in the past but who He is to me now! His provision is unimaginable.
I was telling my mom aka my BFF, just the other day that we don’t always get the big blessings like winning the lottery though He can and occasionally will.  He blesses us consistently with smaller things like a stranger who bought my gas for the week. My God-sister and Her husband buying me dinner when I was not in a good place to spend any money. These things and more are ways that God shows His provisional love. 
I have not expected anything from anyone including God in a long time but that was in err. God is here, there and everywhere that I am. Omnipresent all of the time! I am never left to my own devices. God is with me! I am more thankful of that than can be expressed. I’m his girl!!! He loves ME!
I’m not through my life’s circumstance but I already know that my Father-God know…

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